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Guru - Jazzmatazz Vol. 1

giovedì 13 agosto 2009 by Dr. Doom , under


1. Introduction
2. Loungin' [Feat. Donald Byrd]
3. When You're Near [Feat. N dea Davenport and Simon Law]
4. Transit Ride [Feat. Brandford Marsalis and Zachary Breaux]
5. No Time to Play [Feat. Ronny Jordan and DC Lee]
6. Down the Backstreets [Feat. Lonnie Liston Smith]
7. Respectfull Dedications
8. Take a Look (At Yourself) [Feat. Roy Ayers]
9. Trust Me [Feat. N' dea Davenport]
10. Slicker Than Most [Feat. Gary Barnacle]
11. Le Bien, Le Mal [Feat. MC Solaar]
12. Sights in the City [Feat. Courtney Pine, Carleen Anderson and Simon Law]


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